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Penan Women Project


Penan Women Project (PWP), a social enterprise with the mission to empower Penan women and their families to improve their lives through high quality traditional and innovative weaving.

PWP focuses on 3 unique elements in creating high-quality handwoven products:

• Sustainable alternative: Using plastic strapping belt (Polypro- pylene - P5) as it is durable, washable, re-usable, colourful and recycable. Compare to rattan which is hard to search and harvest from the forest as well as time consuming to process for weaving.

• Design, Heritage & Innovation: Inspired from living in the jungle, PWP supports them in product development, design and quality control. Their intricate patterns are the perfect bond of nature, design, tradition and innovation.

• Social Impact: The key towards continuous improvement in their social wellbeing is that the partnership with 60 Penan weavers and their families is built with great respect, honour and trust.

Together, we believe that this is one step closer to break the cycle of poverty within the Penan community and ensuring the continuity of their exclusive weaving skills despite no formal education.

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