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Project Shine 

Rural Outreach

Rural Penan Settlement visit
Project Shine Ulu Sarawak, a community give back activity we try to do annually. We bring different groups  of people, bring medicine,  volunteer doctors, collecting and distributing donations to the remote Penan villages who are not in our weaving project.

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Long Karangan, Long Nen & Ba Marong

Report of activities by groups of volunteers from Penan Women Project, International Medical University and Volunteers from South Hampshire

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Lg Siang, Lg Kevok, Ba Selulong, Lg Meraan

The trip went well and was successful. The team worked well together and were dedicated. We are planning for the next trip and will be aiming for villages that are less accessible. Additional support in terms of medical expertise and resources will be needed. A more wide ranging medication and health care including dental care will be needed for the next trip.

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Long Abang, Long Melangjt, Long Pakan, Long Kabeng & Long Daloh.

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