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Project Shine Ulu Sarawak | 08 -12 March 2020

5Days 4Nights

Villages visited: Long Abang, Long Melangjt, Long Pakan, Ba Kabeng and Long Daloh.

The team:

Volunteer Doctor : Dr Anand (Pediatrician) BTU

medical team from KKM Long Lama Dr Samuel (MD), Robetto, Sulan, Susee, Humphrey

Curtin University (Australia) : Elizabeth

PWP : Ann Wong ( Lead ), Lim Beng Guan,

Penan Weavers: Jonita Ayat , Tinas

Videographer from Sarawak Media Group: Lau Ung Ing and Harun

Voluntary 4x4 Brunei: Eduard, Darren Kilbride , Gijs Boon, Ramon Van Dijk.

Hired 4x4 : Paul Numpang, David & Raymond

Behind the scene : Dr Ivan (Research Team Lead), Laura Chella ( CO-coordinator from PWP)

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